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How to Choose the Right Toilet Paper Holder in 5 Easy Steps

From the grimy public toilets of the subways to the grandiose restrooms of Buckingham Palace, there's one thing that they all have in common; toilet paper. Every bathroom needs it, and that's what makes toilet paper holders so vital to the efficient functionality of any bathroom. Quality is important, so stick to a well-known brand like Alno Hardware, and you're already on the right track. There are a lot of options out there, though, so consider these five things before deciding which Alno Hardware toilet paper holder is right for you. Single Post Holder
Single Post Holder
  • Think about the size of your bathroom to figure out which design is right for you. Is there room in your bathroom for an upright model or only a wall toilet paper holder? Standing toilet paper holders take up more space and are not convenient if you have children or pets. A wall toilet paper holder is a much better option for these situations because they take up less room and makes sure the roll stays put.

  • Also consider whether you want a double post/closed or single post/open model. Hands down, the double post toilet paper holder works better for homes with kids and pets, that is, unless you enjoy finding your living room strewn with toilet paper or having to pick up a soggy roll at the end of each day. Alternatively, the open versions have a more contemporary flair to them. The closed toilet paper holders are also more durable and usually last longer because the weight is more evenly distributed and they are supported twice as well by the wall.
  • Be sure to ask yourself if the style and finish works with your current decor. You may love it, but does an elegant brass toilet paper holder really fit with your whimsical aquatic theme? Scan your surroundings, and you'll see that it is not difficult to match up a toilet paper holder with your theme and color scheme. For example, if you have a more modern bathroom, a brushed nickel toilet paper holder will compliment this room well. Chrome toilet paper holders are also an excellent choice for the contemporary commode. On the other hand, if you have a warmer palette, try a brass toilet paper holder. The yellow to brown complexion will fit in perfectly. Bronze toilet paper holders are a great choice if you are unsure about where you want to take your decor, as the color and style are classic and neutral enough to work with most themes.
  • Brass Toilet Paper Holder
    Brass Toilet Paper Holder

  • If you have the room, also purchase a spare roll toilet paper holder to avoid the awkwardness of being ''caught in the act'' without any toilet paper. This is particularly important in a guest bathroom or when having company over. It's one thing for you to have to call to one of the kids or your spouse for tissues, it's another thing to put a guest through that.

  • And one last thing. Whether you've purchased several dozen brushed nickel toilet paper holders for your office or are only ordering a single brass toilet paper holder for your guest bathroom, please think about placement before installing. It's a little thought of detail, but who wants to stand up to reach the toilet paper holder?

Chrome Toilet Paper Holders
Chrome Toilet Paper Holders
Alno hardware is a leading name in the kitchen and bathroom hardware industry. With years of quality service and courtesy towards their customers, it's no wonder that Alno Hardware has made a permanent place for themselves at the top. Invite reliability and beauty into your home with one of their toilet paper holders today.


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