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When decorating and furnishing your bathroom, be sure not to forget the important items that are often overlooked. Towel hooks, racks and rings will enhance the decorum as well as the functioning of your bathroom. Nothing says classy while getting the job done like an Alno towel bar. Accordingly, you will want to include these into the design layout of your bathroom. Each of these Alno hardware items has its own function and benefit. Read on to find out the best ways to use your decorative towel rings, hooks, and bars.

Alno towel rings- Whether it's a satin nickel towel ring or a sleek black finish, towel rings are great for decorating a bathroom. Hang an attractive polished brass towel ring next to the sink, and display a decorative hand towel in the same pattern or color scheme as your bathroom. Alno rings come in 6", 7", and 8" models, and will add a lot to your bathroom with little effort.

Alno towel bar- A towel rod or bar is a straight or curved bar that is loaded with functionality. Available in single or double bars, towel rods hang large bath towels as well as hand towels. Smaller 12" bars work well in both the bathroom and the kitchen for hanging hand or kitchen towels. Kitchen towels are always getting misplaced. A towel bar will keep your towels in one spot all the time so you know where to look for it. Towel bars are also a great place to hang wet towels to dry before putting them in the hamper.

Alno towel racks-These hardware items are shelf towel racks, meaning they are shelves consisting of horizontal metal bars. A trendy chrome towel rack is great for storing extra towels, especially in a guest bathroom. Fold towels neatly, and place them in a stack for easy access and storage. Towel racks can also hold other items such as a potpourri basket, soap dispenser, tissue box and more. Towel racks with bars and shelves can do double time. As we said, the shelves can be used to store dry folded towels, and the towel bar can hold your damp towels to dry.

Alno towel hooks- Towel hooks are just the thing for holding a bathrobe or a single towel. These are the least conspicuous of all the towel accessories and can be chosen to meld into the current bathroom décor. Towel hooks can also be used to hang potholders, oven mitts and trivets, bag holders, and aprons in the kitchen.

Alno hardware towel rack, rings and hooks are wonderful space saving tools. Instead of cluttering up a small bathroom with a bulky cabinet or vanity, wall hanging shelf space and hooks make the bathroom more manageable. The standard height for hanging a towel bar is 46"-50" from the floor. This is not a law, just recommended for optimum comfort level for average height. If you are taller or shorter, adjust accordingly.

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